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    Supply Chain

  • Wuyi Jucheng Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. supply chain service refers to effectively organize and supervise the procurement, manufacturing, distribution and other system services in order to minimize the cost of the entire supply chain system under the condition of satisfying the customer's demands as much as possible.


This is a strategic part of the supply chain integration service. JUCHENG will establish a strategy to manage all resources to meet the customer's demands for products. Which can also let it transfer to the customer efficiently and low cost with the high quailty and value products or services.

JUCHENG will select the best suppliers that can provide the best goods and services for your products and services according to your needs and quotations. Besides, we can create method to monitor and improve management.


Arranging the activities required by suppliers to produce, package and prepare for delivery. It has the most monitored parts of the supply chain, which includes supervision of quality levels, product yields and worker productivity.

We can delivery by courier, air and sea transportation. Choose the most competitive transportation costs.

Cooperation Case
  • In 2014, when we first contacted our Australian customers, This is a customer who is very concerned about the factory, quality and price of the products. During this time, customers of Shanghai office talked face to face with us. We then send the samples to the customer and send the product test report and factory inspection report to the customer, letting the customer believe that we are reliable. After eight months of contact, the customer finally gave us a trial order. Although the first order is small, we ensure the quality and delivery of the product to deliver on the promise to the customer. As we expected, the customer placed a formal order soon. In the follow-up cooperation, we always follow the original commitment. Therefore, we have a close relationship with our customers. Since our products have been sold, our company's total turnover has doubled. At the same time, we will continue to develop new products to seize the customer market, which makes our customers believe in us more.


  • In April 2016, we received an inquiry from a Sri Lankan customer who was looking for a silicone storage box for his ranch. The number of products required is small and has not reached the minimum order quantity. We are also very willing to help customers because they are real customers. Then we explained to him the transportation problems and costs. He knows very well and tells us that we can send it to suppliers in Shanghai. And customers ask if our products can be directly exposed to food and water. Therefore, we sent him a SGS test report to prove the safety of our products. He told us that he was rejected by many manufacturers because of the small number of order. He is very grateful for our help. For us, this is just a little effort, but it is a great help for our customers. We are willing to do our best for our customers.

    Sri Lanka

  • In 2018, we met a Japanese customer who wanted to buy a silicone steam box. At the time, we had a product that was the same as the product he wanted. He also needed another small plastic storage box that he wanted to produce at the same factory. Once the sample was received, we immediately provided the quotation to the customer. He has high requirements for the packaging and printing of products. For the first time, They had problems with the first sample, including the thickness of the box, the color and location of the print. At the request of the customer, we conducted a second proofing. Although it took us two weeks for our staff to directly supervise the printing plant, the customer was satisfied with us after seeing the production. This is the first time we have cooperated with each other and had problems inevitably. Fortunately, the results were satisfactory. A few months later, the customer placed another order with us again.


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