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Silicone Ice Cube Trays without Lids

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  • Silicone Ice Cube Trays
  • Jucheng
  • LD-Y017C
  • PP+Silicone
  • 10.6x6x2.4cm

Touch Food with Safety, Enjoy DIY Life Style

Product Parameters

1. 100% food grade, non-toxic, meet FDA, LFGB and DGCCRF food standard requestment.

2. Temperature Range: -40°C to +230°C

3. Safe used in oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

4. Anti-rusting, non-stick, easy to store and clean.

5. Hardness: From 30 shores to 90 shores

6. Any color is available.

7. OEM and ODM orders are welcomed

8. Size: 16.2x11.3x4.8cm

Silicone ice mould

Why Choose Us?

1. You can use it to design what you want.

ice mould

chocolate mould

cake mould

Silicone Ice Cube Trays

You can use the silicone mould to create different shapes of ice.

Chocolate Mold

You can DIY the unique chocolate for your lovers.

Cake Mold

You can DIY your own style cake by our silicone cake moulds.

2. Use the best square, give you safety eating experience.

100% food grade, non-toxic, Meet FDA, LFGB and DGCCRF food standard requestment.

lunch box hot

3. Soft and Safety Performance

The silicone mold is soft and safety.

Silicone ice mould

Silicone ice mould

4. Weather Fastness

Organosilicone has better thermal stability, radiation and weather resistance than other polymer materials.The service life of organic silicon in natural environment can reach several decades

5. Tear-resistant, drop-resistant, and bite-resistant

Design Idea

Design thought is a design process research result, which was exported by IDEO (The globel design service company) according to their design experience and practice about past many years. Wuyi Jucheng Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. will use the development products and solve the customers custom requirements by this design thought.

Understand Customers Requirements

The main purpose is to clarify what kind of user problems to solve in the Jucheng Group upcoming development of silicone products. Specifically including target users, crowd portraits, requirements definition, and user experience context design. We will understand the users' products deeply which can always adapt to the needs of the market, and is popular by users around the world!

Defination Problem

Our group design will make a defination of the products deep requirements at this step. Form the requirements lists and function list, provide base for customing the products in the next step.

Concept Plans

Address key issues in customized solutions and evaluate and validate solution assumptions.

Prototype Start to Break the Mould

Break the mould of the products, accurately express customized solutions in fine details. Besides,  collect feedback to solve problems through iterations, achieve a satisfactory final customized solution at the end.

Test the Product

Jucheng Group products produced in the first time can be contacted with users or stakeholders directly.But not only contacted with talking. Which means we can continue to collect more realistic experiences, touching experience, testing the market reaction, so that we can provide the foundation for design work in the future.

Jucheng Company

Jucheng Group

From the company's establishment, we firmly believe that “R&D design is the source of power to continuous development of the company, and we persist in innovation and keep pace with the times.” The company has a factory area of 4300m², 6 professional production workshops, 32 technical & management personnel and 180 employees. Constantly optimizing the workflow and production level, we not only have a constantly updated product line and the recommended new products, but also adhere to the full implementation of corporate quality management. “Design and Quality” is rooted in our corporate philosophy and work activities in the daily life.

Enterprise Culture




Jucheng has never stopped the pace of innovation, with a fixed investment of 30% of its annual profits for the design team's construction, equipment and new product updates. Innovation is always the cornerstone of the gathering and at the same time injecting a steady stream of energy into the gathering.


Jucheng Integrity is the foundation of the company for building up its career , and it is also the basis for winning the trust of users, partners and the public. It is the basic ethical principle that employees obey in creating value for users.




First-class manufacturing requires first-class technology, and first-class technology requires first-class spirit. Jucheng use the ingenuity spirit with responsibility for every products that we produce.


Respect is the foundation of harmonious cooperation. It is a respect for different cultures and different interests. In the process of developing the company's business, we will achieve a all-win situation for users, partners, employees and shareholders.

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