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Leadone has never stopped the pace of innovation, with a fixed investment of 30% of its annual profits for the design team's construction, equipment and new product updates. Innovation is always the cornerstone of the gathering and at the same time injecting a steady stream of energy into the gathering.
Leadone Integrity is the foundation of the company for building up its career, and it is also the basis for winning the trust of users, partners and the public. It is the basic ethical principle that employees obey in creating value for users.
First-class manufacturing requires first-class technology, and first-class technology requires first-class spirit. Leadone use the ingenuity spirit with responsibility for every products that we produced.

Respect is the foundation of harmonious cooperation. It is a respect for different cultures and different interests. In the process of developing the company's business, we will achieve an all-win situation for users, partners, employees and shareholders.

About Us

​From the company's establishment, we firmly believe that “R&D design is the source of power to continuous development of the company, and we persist in innovation and keep pace with the times.” The company has a factory area of 4300m², 6 professional production workshops, 32 technical & management personnel and 180 employees. Constantly optimizing the workflow and production level, we not only have a constantly updated product line and the recommended new products, but also adhere to the full implementation of corporate quality management. “Design and Quality” is rooted in our corporate philosophy and work activities in the daily life.
Production Base
Quality Management
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    Guarantee of raw materials
    Leadone Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. use the raw materials from the suppliers after strict screening. We always will cooperate with some famous large-scale enterprises. All of the raw materials meet the environmental protection standard certification and some local certification standards of the cooperative customers.
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    Standardized production process
    Leadone Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. use the leading industry equipment. At the same time, every production process has its own inspection process. All large samples will be sent for inspection, in line with national inspection and testing standards.
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    Product quality inspection standards
    Leadone Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. will proactively send products for inspection and sampling, our test results exceed the international standards at each time.
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    Advantages of mechanical equipment
    Leadone Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. has a large number of factories and production lines, we also have the latest promotional equipment to support the production of the latest promotional products.
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    Professionalism of frontline production staff
    All of the employees must be trained before they are employed. In addition to the production and inspection, the packaging process should be carried out after the inspection. Besides, the final confirmation should be required before shipment. We will arrange in improving employee production skills, taking the product inspection training, and training on how to solve the problems which will happen in the production process.

About Us

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