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The design department will obey the design idea to
develop our products.
Design Idea 

Design idea is a design process research result, which was exported by IDEO (the globel design service company) according to their design experience and practice about past many years. Leadone Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. will use the development products and solve the customers custom requirements by this design idea.



1-Understand Customers Requirements

The main purpose is to clarify what kind of user problems to solve in the Leadone Group upcoming development of silicone products. Specifically including target users, crowd portraits, requirements definition, and user experience context design. We will understand the users’ products deeply which can always adapt to the needs of the market, and is popular by users around the world!

2-Defination Problem

Our group design will make a defination of the products deep requirements at this step. Form the requirements list and function list, provide base for customing the products in the next step.

3-Concept plans

Address key issues in customized solutions and evaluate and validate solution assumptions.

4-Prototype start to break the mould

Break the mould of the products, accurately express customized solutions in fine details. Besides, collect feedback to solve problems through iterations, achieve a satisfactory final customized solution at the end.

5-Test the products

Leadone Group products produced in the first time that can be contacted with users or stakeholders directly. But our communication will not at the end of talking. Which means we can continue to collect more realistic experiences, touching experience, testing the market reaction, so that we can provide the foundation for design work in the future.

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