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History of Silicone and Role of Silicone In Life

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History of Silicone

Many consumers may think that silicone products are emerging industrial materials-there is no perfect industrial technology to support them, and there are always questions about its safety to the human body. In fact, according to our research, the use and development of silicone products is not just a product of modern industrial development. Silicone rubber has a long historical origin and rich development context in the history of human industry. The use of this material has always been accompanied by the development of human industry, and the technological level has been continuously improved and improved. The history of silicone is described below.


In the 11th century, people in South America have used silicone rubber balls for games and sacrifices. This is the earliest use of silicone products as a tool for human beings in history. In 1493, when the Italian voyager Columbus sailed to the Americas for the second time, he saw the Indians playing with a black ball in their hands. The ball dropped to the ground and bounced high. It was made of milk taken from a tree.

silicone travel bottles


In the 18th century, France sent scientific expeditions to South America. In 1736, the French scientist Kang Daming participated in the South American Scientific Expedition, brought some silicone rubber products and related information about rubber trees from Peru to France, and published "A Brief History of Travel in the South America."


During the second industrial revolution in Western countries in the 1880s, British doctor Dunlop invented the pneumatic tire in 1888. In 1876, the Englishman Wickham transported the rubber tree seeds and seedlings from Brazil to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Garden in London to breed, and then transported the cultivated rubber seedlings to Ceylon, Malaya, Indonesia and other places for planting. It is also widely used in automotive rubber parts. Since 1904, the history of rubber cultivation in China has begun.

Silicone in life

In recent years, the silicone rubber industry has achieved great development. With the leaping development of consumption, the output fineness and use of silicone rubber in the development of the industry have been greatly expanded and improved, which is also the demand for market development. For example, in kitchen, many house wives have applied the silicone kitchenwear. And in the bakery, the staff have used the best silicone cake mold. Therefore, with the popularization of the concept of healthy, convenient and creative life, the development of silicone products has become more and more rapid, and has become an indispensable creative product in high-quality life.


Silicone products have unparalleled superiority, its use can be said to be as large as aircraft cannons, as small as children's toys, straps, mobile phone cases, and so on. The precious materials we use are used to make creative products for daily life. This is due to our confidence in product quality and responsibility for the healthy use of consumers. We use food-grade silicone and medical-grade silicone to make consumers comfortable. And they will take a healthy life back home.


Authentication of Silicone

1. The difference in appearance and feel


The fake silicone wristband is easy to deform, while the real best silicone kitchen utensil set will feel good rebound, the permanent deformation will be small, and the hand will feel smoother. Generally speaking, if the surface layer of silicone is not specially treated, there will be a layer of grease-like substance on the surface layer, which will feel smoother to the touch. The surface of silica gel is prone to impurities such as dust and fine hair.


silicone products

2. See the difference between true and false combustion


Fake silica gel products emit black smoke when burning, and the remainder is black powder. While real silica gel products emit white smoke when burning, no matter what color they burn, the residue is white powder. By studying the above methods, we hope that everyone can clearly distinguish silicone products and beware of being deceived.


Our company Yongkang Leadone Industry Co., Ltd. has concentrated on silicone kitchen products export for many years and gained a good reputation all over the world. We always adhere to the product concept of healthy development, elegant life and creative supremacy. Committed to providing consumers with a healthy, convenient and comfortable product experience, it also assumes corporate responsibility for protecting the environment and low carbon and environmental protection. In the future, no matter what the opportunities and challenges of the development of the silicone industry, we will always take the interests of consumers as the main consideration for our product development.

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