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How To Use Candy Molds Properly

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With the improvement of people's living standards, our requirements for food are also increasing. We require foods that are not only beautiful in color and flavor, but also good taste. Therefore, in order to make foods with color and flavor in a short time, silicone molds should also be used. Candy mold silicone is mainly used for food molds such as cake fondant molds, baking molds, etc. The candy pattern is fine, and molds made of low-softness silicone can be easily demolded and not deformed.

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Candy mold silicone characteristics

1. Choose low hardness silica gel which is easy to demold.

2. Our silicone kitchenwear which made by medical food grade silicone passed FDA and ROHS food safety certification.

3. The candy mold has high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and long service life.

4. The silicone mold has strong tear resistance, which is not easy to break.

5. The candy mold is characterized by good fluidity, simple operation, and multiple mold repetitions. Besides, our silicone mold is characterized by safety and hygiene. And it really has good quality.


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How to use candy mold

1. Take out the right amount of sugar material from the package. At this time, the sugar material structure is loose. You need to use your hands to knead dough till it has the gloss and good ductility before you can proceed to the next step.


2. Before the cutting die and the spring compression die are used, the sugar material needs to be rolled out, and a proper amount of corn starch needs to be sprinkled on the top and bottom surfaces of the sugar material to prevent sticking. The small flowers cut by the spring die can be used directly, but if you want it to be more three-dimensional, we can use a sponge pad and ball to handle the petals.


3. The material of the silicone mold itself is non-stick. The simple structure of the silicone mold does not require special treatment inside. It can be directly filled by kneading the sugar material with good luster and ductility. If the finger strength is not enough, you can use a rolling pin. The excess fondant cream on the edge is scraped off with your fingers to make the interface smooth.


4. The effect of the same mold which is used by different people  is different. If the mold itself has very clear lines, but the finished product you made is fuzzy, most of the factors are that your filling is not pressed enough, and the strength is uneven. 100% Re-engraving is possible, as long as you handle each corner carefully and practice more.


5. We should avoid that the candy being deformed by pulling when demoulding, so don't use too much force.


Various silicone molds and silicone tools greatly facilitate our lives. With their use, we can make beautiful food quickly and easily. This greatly improves people's satisfaction with life and makes people become more passionate about life. If you have needs for silicone kitchenwear and candy mould, welcome to contact us to know more details.

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