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How to Choose Baby Spoon?

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Instead of choosing a baby bottle, dishes and toys, choosing a suitable spoon for the baby is more particular. Because what materials, styles and shapes are suitable for babies of different ages, including the function of spoons, this is closely related to the promotion of baby's development. So, how to help your baby choose the right spoon?


When purchasing, you need to choose the appropriate length and thickness of the spoon handle, width and depth of the spoon head according to the baby's palm grasping ability and the age of the baby. For babies fed by parents, choose a complementary food spoon with a long handle. For babies who can eat on their own, choose a complementary food spoon with a short handle. The width of the spoon head should be smaller than the baby's mouth, otherwise it is easy to cause difficulty in eating and swallowing. The thickness of the handle should be such that the baby’ thumb can grasp the index finger and middle finger after grasping the handle. The depth of the spoon head should be one-half or one-third of the baby's tongue.


silicone baby spoon


Spoons Suitable for Children within 6 Months

In principle, before 4-6 months, breast milk and formula milk are always the only source of nutrition for babies. It is recommended to avoid feeding supplements to babies before this time. For babies and newborns within 3 months, the main function of spoons is nothing more than to feed water, feed medicine and breastfeeding at birth to avoid nipple confusion. Due to the limited gripping ability, the baby cannot hold the spoon by himself. It is recommended to choose a silicone spoon with a narrow head, and a hard spoon can harm the baby's tender mouth and gums. Silicone baby items are both soft and safe.



Spoons Suitable for Children from 6 to 12 Months

Baby's fingers are awkward at the beginning, so you must be patient during the teaching process. It is recommended to start with finger food at this stage. For babies who cannot use spoons, finger food is a very good transition. The general tableware learning sequence starts with finger food, then learns to use bowls and spoons, and finally learns to use chopsticks.


Train your baby to catch finger food more, and wait until the baby is skilled in catching food with fingers, and then you can train your baby to use spoon. At this stage, the baby may use the spoon in his hand to dig food to eat. If he can occasionally send the food to the mouth with a spoon, you should give encouragement and support him to continue practicing.


Generally, babies from 6-10 months will begin to grow teeth. And the baby is also gradually interested in food supplements other than breast milk. For example, there will be some biting behavior. Therefore, in this stage, in addition to the texture of the spoon, it is necessary to use a safe and chewproof silicone baby item. It is recommended to choose a silicone baby spoon with a cute shape, which can attract the baby to grasp. And the size of silicone spoon should be suitable for the baby to use. At the same time, the handle of the spoon should be easy to hold.


silicone baby spoon


Spoons Suitable for Children from 12 to 18 Months

At this stage, the baby already has the consciousness to actively grasp things. Some will learn to use their spoons to dig out the food in the bowl and put it in their mouths. In fact, the silicone spoon can also be used at this time, but the texture is too soft and the baby's hand is not strong enough, it may be difficult to dig food. Therefore, parents choose a spoon with a slightly harder texture, such as a spoon made of PP. If the handle is designed with convex points, it is better for the baby to grasp. The thickness and length of the spoon handle are the core key issues that determine whether the spoon is gripped. And the length of the spoon handle is greater than the length of the palm, and the material must be non-slip.



Silicone baby item is very safe and clean. Before children actually learn to use spoons, silicone spoons are the best choice. Our company also provide the silicone kitchen tools, silicon shoes cover, silicone smoothing tool toolstation, heat insulation pad and so on. If you are interested in these, please contact us.

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