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How to Choose a Pacifier?

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The pacifier is a must for feeding and pacifying babies. But because of mischief of babies, the service life of the pacifier is always very short. And the material of the pacifier plays an important role in health of babies. Therefore, we will give some advice to help parents select the proper pacifier for babies.


1. Size of the Pacifier

There are two sizes of pacifiers. One is wide caliber with a diameter of about 45mm. The other is standard caliber with a diameter of about 35mm. For the selection of these two calibers, it is recommended to choose the wide caliber, especially for those babies who start to be fed. The base of the wide-caliber pacifier is designed to imitate the breast of the mother, which makes the baby have the feeling of holding the mother's breast when sucking.


silicone baby pacifier


2. Material of the Pacifier

At present, there are mainly three materials in the market: silica gel, rubber and latex. The rubber pacifier is made of natural rubber, which has a little peculiar smell and is easy to age. At the same time, its heat resistance is relatively poor. The latex pacifier has good elasticity and is very soft. However, it also has the characteristics of aging, peculiar smell and no high temperature resistance. In contrast, silicone baby items are non-toxic and odorless, and they are not easy to age. In addition, the silicone mold can withstand high temperature and is safer to use. It is worth noting that the elasticity of the silicone mold kit is not as good as that of the latex tool. If it is used for more than 3 months or the baby often chews on the pacifier, it is prone to damage and tear the silicone mold. Therefore, in the process of use, we need to regularly check and timely replace.


silicone baby pacifier


3. Hole Shape of the Pacifier

3.1 Circular Hole

The circular hole can make the milk flow out automatically, and the flow rate is generally not fast. The flow rate of small round hole is the slowest, and it is suitable for newborn babies and babies with poor sucking ability. The flow rate of middle round hole is medium, which is suitable for 3-6 months babies. The flow rate of large round hole is relatively faster, which is suitable for babies over 6 months or babies who can freely adjust the milk amount.


3.2 Y-font Hole

The silicone baby item with the Y-font hole is suitable for babies who are more than 3 months or can freely control the amount of milk. In addition to sucking milk, the pacifier can also be used for sucking liquid food such as juice.


3.3 Cross-bonding Hole

The cross-bonding hole is suitable for babies over 3 months or starting to eat rice flour. It has two advantages. On the one hand, when the silicone mold is not used temporarily, the cross-bonding hole will be closed, which can prevent the invasion of bacteria. On the other hand, the cross-bounding shape at the opening will open and close according to the strength of baby's sucking, which plays an important role in regulating the feeding flow.

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