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How to choose a silicone egg mold?

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For kitchen beginners, how to fry a perfect egg is a big problem. In fact, frying poached eggs is not difficult, and it only needs to use a simple silicone tool. How to choose fried egg mold?


Basis for Choosing Fried Egg Mold


silicone egg mold

1.Key Points of Purchase

(1) Choose the appropriate number of silicone molds according to the number of family members. Usually, a family of three can buy 8 to meet the needs of use.


(2) Choose according to the material selection of the fried egg silicone mold, the fried egg mold made of stainless steel is usually easy to clean.


(3) Choose according to the price. Generally, the price of stainless steel fried egg mold is slightly higher than that of silicone fried egg mold.


silicone fried egg mold

2. Classification

(1) According to the material, it can be divided into: silicone fried egg mold, stainless steel fried egg mold.


(2) According to the shape, it can be divided into: round, square, heart shape, cartoon animal shape, etc.


(3) According to the diameter, it can be divided into: 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, etc.



Choosing Tips of Fried Egg Mold

1. Check the quality of silicone egg mold. The wear resistance is possessed by silicone products. The surface of silicone molds can suffer from wear and tear. The surface characters of silicone egg mold with good quality are difficult to fall, while the surface characters of silicone egg mold with poor quality are easy to fall off. When purchasing the fried egg mold, there are often businesses that mix some inferior or substandard products with the qualified varieties for sale, which makes us defenseless. Therefore, when purchasing, we must carefully check the mold, check the corresponding material description, and avoid selecting the unqualified products. When choosing silicone mold, we must go to the regular store for purchase to avoid small workshop products, otherwise it is likely to choose unsafe products, which will have an impact on our health.


2. Look at the shape of silicone egg mold. Pay attention to check whether the shape of the mold is closed, whether the overall shape is smooth, etc. When buying a set of fried egg molds, if the price is too low, it is likely that some of the molds are not up to standard. When buying, consumers should check whether each mold is intact and whether it is damaged.



Wrong Understanding of Fried Egg Mold

1. Many consumers worry that the silicone material will produce toxic substances after heating and dare not buy it. In fact, the silicone can withstand a maximum temperature of 250 ℃, which can meet the requirements of cooking.


2. Many consumers worry that the stainless steel material conducts heat, which will cause burns. Usually, there is a handle on the design of the stainless steel silicone egg mold about 5cm in length, and it is wrapped with silicone material at the end to prevent burns during cooking.


Families with children can try as many different shapes and styles of fried egg mold as possible, which can promote the child's appetite.

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