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How to to solve the problem of jaggies caused by the use of nozzle?

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Recently, the cream decoration on the cake is popular in the Western baking circle, not only because of its beautiful and gorgeous shape, but also because of its unique taste. Nozzle is a kind of cake molds, used to shape the shape of cream. There are many shapes of nozzles. Different nozzles can make the cream squeeze out different shapes. However, in the process of decorating the cake with cream, the use of a nozzle may give the cream a jagged appearance. So how to solve the problem of jaggies caused by the use of nozzle?


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Types of Nozzles

1. Round Nozzle

The shape of the round nozzle is circular and serrated, which can be divided into 4 teeth, 8 teeth and 10 teeth.

Use: squeeze star flower, rotate rose, etc.


2. Flower-shaped Nozzle

The flower nozzle is suitable for decorating the flower basket pattern and lace.


3. Petal-shaped Nozzle

The petal nozzle can be used for decorating the various flowers.


4. Leaf-shaped Nozzle

According to different flower sizes, you can choose different sizes of leaf-shaped nozzles.



Solution to the Jagged Problem Caused by the Nozzles

1. Many Cream Bubbles




(1) The cream has a lot of air bubbles between oil and water because it is filled with plenty of air.


(2) The cream is not used for a long time after it is made, and it is in a static state.


Handling Methods and Precautions


(1) Butter must be softened sufficiently to use.


(2) Before putting the cream into the decorating bag, it needs to be repeatedly stirred with silicone to ensure that the bubbles are very small when loading.


(3) The cream packed in the decorative bag needs to be squeezed out by hand to see if there are bubbles. Squeeze in at different speeds to find the most suitable state. The extruded lines can be used only when they are complete and toothless.


2. The Problem of Nozzle




Using wide nozzle can not exert pressure on the cream. It is easy to make the cream unable to extrude or too many serrations by using the fine nozzle.


Handling Methods and Precautions


(1) Check whether the cream in the nozzle is blocked by foreign matters.


(2) Due to the different process of the nozzle, nozzle is not smooth enough and has burrs, especially the hand-made nozzle. Use a sharp knife to scrape the tip of the nozzle, and don't expand the size of the nozzle head.


3. Uneven Cream




(1) The cream is sometimes hard, sometimes soft.


(2) Hand temperature is too high.


Handling Methods and Precautions


(1) Effectively control the temperature in the room. Generally, the best temperature is between 15℃ to 20℃. When it is too hard, mix the cream more and then put it into the bag. Knead it several times by hand to test the flow rate. Use it after there is no sawtooth.


(2) Because the thickness of the frozen cream is different, and the effect of temperature on cream is also different, so we should mix it a few times before using it.


(3) Cream on the palm is easy to melt, it is recommended not to put too much cream in one time.


(4) It's recommended to wear gloves if the palm is too hot.


(5) Get an ice pack and prepare two decorating bags to take turns decorating.


(6) If there is residual melting cream in the decorating bag, use a new decoration bag.


4. The Angle Problem when Using the Nozzle




(1) The angle of the nozzle is different, the flow rate of the cream from the bag is different, so the improper operation will make the flowers uneven, easy to appear jagged petals.


(2) The two hands do not coordinate.


Handling Methods and Precautions


(1) The nozzle should not be used vertically. Choose an appropriate Angle to effectively control the flow of cream in the nozzle.


(2) The best way is to practice more and cooperate with your hands.

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The above is the main method to solve the problem of jaggies caused by the use of nozzle. In addition, in order to make a perfect cake, silicone tool is also necessary. Silicone cake mold is a high-temperature baking silicone mold made of food-grade silicone raw materials. It has the characteristics of safety, hygiene and good quality.

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