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Male Masturbators: 5 Reasons for Why Every Man Should Own One

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The male silicone masturbator is a sex toy specially designed for men, especially those who are older and have no spouse. Generally speaking, it consists of a soft sleeve that slides on the penis. Such male masturbation will be more comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, people sometimes call it a fake vagina.


Using a silicone masturbator is very convenient for men to masturbate. You only need to lubricate the masturbator, then put down your pants and slide it onto the erect penis, and then move it up and down to simulate the penis sliding into and out of the vagina. The following will introduce the reasons why man need the masturbator.


male silicone masturbator

Avoid sensitivity reduction caused by masturbation


For men, decreased penile sensitivity will affect the pleasure of the couple's sexual life. This is a very important thing, and too many people will have such consequences after prolonged masturbation. When men masturbate, when the penis is erected, they will squeeze too tightly or go too fast. Over time, this reduces sensitivity and may make it difficult to achieve orgasm with your partner.


Using a high-quality masturbation device instead of holding the penis with your hands will basically eliminate this problem. You will no longer be able to suppress your masculinity. Quality male sex toys are safe, effective and durable.




Many models of silicone masturbators provide the added benefit of suction, and some have user-adjustable settings. For example, some masturbators have a cap on one end, which can be tightened or loosened to adjust the vacuum to suit the needs of men. When it becomes full suction, it is as if a woman is having an orgasm, constantly sucking your penis, so that you feel more comfortable and enjoyable. An airplane cup made of silicone, which is more expensive, can have this function.


models of silicone masturbators

Feel more real


The silicone masturbation device is not as good as the real thing, but it is closer to the real vagina than anything else. So what does an incomparably close female vagina mean to men? According to personal experience, the masturbation device made of silicone is more like a real vagina than other things I have used. Silicone has moderate softness and can imitate a real vagina.


Masturbators expect their penis to enter a soft, damp vagina every time. When men use a masturbator, remember to use high-quality water-based lubricants, this will make the penis friction in the masturbator just right. Do not use too much lubricant or too little lubricant. It can replace your own hands to massage the penis better.


Reduce friction


Silicone masturbators can make men feel more real when masturbating. Most of the time, when men masturbate, they will feel a little stiff, at least every man who masturbates will feel this way. If a person says he does not, it is simply lying. So, how does the masturbator protect you from trouble?


The silicone masturbation device makes everything very simple, as long as there is rich lubrication and soft touch. Lubricants must be used when using male masturbation toys, because it actually eliminates the friction generated when masturbating with both hands, combined with their light hand feel, will make men more refreshed.


male silicone masturbator

The masturbation device can be properly heated


Most users of masturbation devices use cold toys to masturbate. Some people may agree. However, the silicone-type masturbation device can be placed in hot water for heating, so that the temperature of the masturbation device itself reaches the expected requirements, and then masturbation. The temperature and smoothness of the fake vagina will be closer to the female vagina, and the feeling of masturbation will be higher.


Please continue to pay attention to the article for more benefits of silicone masturbator. 

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