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Silicone Swimming Cap

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It is believed that people who like swimming will have more than one silicone swimming cap. In general, there is no distinction between front and back, and we can choose any side as the front. It may be uncomfortable when you start wearing it, you will feel better when accommodate it. As a necessary swimming equipment, you must know these knowledge points about the swimming cap.


The design and production of the swimming caps we usually buy will affect the overall quality of the product. When buying a silicone swimming cap, you should choose a swimming cap with no wrinkles and particles inside, and the model and head should match. So what are the benefits of wearing a swimming cap? The first is to prevent your hair from falling into the pool and contaminating the pool water, so that everyone will not get entangled with their hair when swimming. Secondly, wearing a swimming cap will reduce the resistance when swimming. The last and more important point is that the water in the swimming pool usually contains a lot of added chemicals. Long-term excessive exposure to these substances will cause great damage to the hair, and it will cause dryness and shading yellow of the hair. Wearing a swimming cap when swimming is the most basic and polite behavior, especially for women. If you don’t wear a swimming cap, your hair will float in the water and will be pulled by other swimming people. The silicone swimming cap also has a good thermal insulation effect.

silicone swimming cap

We can have a lot of choices in the selection of swimming cap materials. The first one is nylon cloth. This material has good elasticity, high comfort, and is easy to dry without absorbing water. It is currently used for female swimming caps. The second type is special cloth, which has good elasticity on the left and right, general elasticity on the top and bottom, no rubber component, high durability, and is mostly made of winter swimming cap. The third kind is CVC material. This kind of swimming cap is a composite material. The elasticity is not very strong, but it is fit to the head very well and has strong sweat absorption. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to dry. The fourth type, Lake cotton, which accounts for more than 90% of the cotton composition, is extremely absorbent and has good elasticity. It is a good choice for both land and water sports. The only drawback is that it is not easy to dry.

silicone swimming cap

So we know the material, how to choose the size? When choosing a swimming cap, a suitable hat can cover the entire hair, and it will not cause the hair to fall off. The hair volume is relatively large and it will not cause knots due to the fluff, so be sure pay attention to the size of the swimming cap, mainly based on the principles of comfort, not easy to fall off, professional swimming cap brand, made of silicone, no water and no resistance.


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