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The Difference between Silicone Pacifier and Latex Pacifier

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The pacifier is an indispensable auxiliary tool for the artificial feeding of infants. In the past, the commonly used pacifiers were made from the latex that was yellow and opaque, which were cheap and had a short service life. Additionally, there was some rubber smell in the disinfection of high temperature. In recent years, a new type of silicone pacifier has appeared on the market. After the introduction of the silicone baby item, it is very popular with mothers and gradually changes the market of the latex pacifier. Today, we are going to share the difference of the two materials to help mothers have a better choice.


1. Price

Due to the high cost of silicone mold, the price of silicone pacifier is higher than that of latex pacifier. Although we all like products with high quality and low price, the fact that most of the expensive products are better than the cheap ones is also obvious. Of course, it doesn't mean that the most expensive thing is the best thing. In addition, it is said that silicone baby items with food grade have strict certification and testing standards, so we should also pay attention to whether the products have relevant certificates.



2. Material

The raw material of silicone mold is medical silicone. It has been proved to be harmless to human body by the toxicological test. Latex pacifier is made of the latex. Because of the natural material of latex, latex pacifiers may have the smell of rubber. The silicone pacifier is non-toxic and environment-friendly, and it has no peculiar smell when sucking or chewing in the mouth. As a silicone baby item, it is basically safe. Latex pacifier is easy to produce harmful substances after many times of high temperature disinfection.


silicone baby items


3. Heat Resistance

Silicone tools can be kept at 200 ℃ or - 40 ℃. Therefore, we can repeatedly disinfect the silicone pacifier in boiling water. In addition, the heavy metal content and evaporation residue of silicone molds are very few, and there is no dissolved substance in the boiling for a long time. Latex pacifiers tend to be soft and smell bad at high temperatures. The latex with poor quality even produces toxins at high temperatures.



4. Elasticity

The elasticity of the latex pacifier is very good, and it is easy to recover and resist pulling. The elasticity of silicone baby items is not as good as that of latex pacifiers. Once there is damage on the surface of the silicone mold, the silicone product will be easy to tear. However, silicone tools are also very resistant to falling, and they will not break like glass and ceramics.



5. Color

Generally speaking, the latex pacifier is yellow while the silicone pacifier is colorless and transparent. According to relevant experts, rubber and latex will look a little turbid in the eyes because of the high content of impurities. And the real silicone mold can clearly show the sense of penetration, especially in the sunlight.


silicone baby items


6. Smell

The smell of rubber and latex is strong, and it usually has a pungent smell. It is said that some manufacturers will add fragrance to cover up the smell of rubber. Therefore, when we buy the silicone baby items, it is best to find out whether there is a smell and select materials without fragrance.

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