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What are the Characteristics of Silicone Pacifiers

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It looks beyond dispute that a suitable nipple plays a key role in a baby's healthy growth, and as a consequence, how to choose a nipple has become a problem for parents. Silicone pacifiers, as silicone baby items, have become the choice of more and more parents. What is the difference between a silicone baby item like a silicone pacifier and other baby products?



What is a silicone pacifier?

Silicone pacifier is a silicone baby items made of food-grade silicone. It has the characteristics of colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and so on. Silicone pacifier, non-toxic as well as harmless, does not contain BPA, and consequently, it can replace traditional latex pacifiers. It is not easy to deform it by any disinfection method. In addition, silicone pacifiers are more heat-resistant than general plastic pacifiers, so long-term disinfection of silicone pacifiers will not exude harmful components, and will not produce odors such as plastic.


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Material of silicone pacifier

The current common raw material at home and abroad is liquid silicone rubber. Compared to solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber is a liquid rubber, which has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, and is safe and environmentally friendly, which can fully meet food-grade requirements.


According to the position of the functional groups contained in the molecular structure, liquid rubbers with functional groups are often divided into two categories: one is called telechelic type liquid rubber with functional groups at both ends of the molecular structure. The other is called non-telechelic type liquid rubber with active functional groups in the main chain.


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The difference between silicone pacifier and latex pacifier

Latex pacifiers are made from natural latex which is an elastic and soft material, and equally, these characteristics are very important for making safe pacifiers. Due to the good elasticity of natural latex, it can easily return to its original state even after being pulled, and in the meanwhile, it is harmless to the environment. On the contrary, because of the natural material of latex, there may be a smell of rubber. In addition, latex has a shorter service life and is more prone to aging. Therefore, storing latex pacifiers requires avoiding direct sunlight and keeping it in a cool and dry place. Latex pacifiers are usually yellow, but inferior latex pacifiers can produce toxins at high temperatures.


Silicone pacifiers are made of high-quality silicone, whose important characteristics are resistance to temperature changes, and the surface is smooth, transparent, and tasteless. However, there are some safety issues to be aware of when using silicone pacifiers. For example, silicone is less flexible than latex, which causes it to tear easily if the surface is damaged. Because silicone is relatively fragile, parents should carefully check the surface for damage if the silicone is used frequently. Silicone nipples should be replaced immediately if they show any signs of aging, such as dark lines, scratches, tooth marks or small holes.



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