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What are the functions of multifunctional silicone dish washing gloves?

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The society is developing and the times are progressing, but the problem of dish washing that plagues consumers is always tricky. Multifunctional silicone dishwashing gloves, combined with consumer demand, can effectively use new materials and tools to improve the quality of life. So, what are the functions of silicone multi-purpose dishwashing gloves?




The function of silicone dishwashing gloves



1. Anti-skid

Washing hands is inseparable from hands. When washing the dishes, the hands with the dish washing liquid slipped accidentally, it is easy to break the tableware, which not only consumes the energy to clean up, but also affects the mood of the day,


The multifunctional silicone dish washing gloves provide a strong insurance for the dishes. Compared with human skin, the silicone material itself has a huge friction force. Hold the dishes tightly in your hands and you do n’t have to worry about breaking the dishes.



2. Easy to foam

The inside of the palm of the multifunctional  kitchen silicone glove is designed with large soft thorns. Compared with sponges, it has a larger area of air contact. Compared with rags, the same dishwashing liquid has a larger foaming volume and is more convenient for rubbing. With the multifunctional silicone gloves, only a small amount of dishwashing liquid can be squeezed in to get more foam, the cleaning power is stronger, and the dishwashing saves cost and energy.


dishwashing gloves


3. Insulation and anti-scalding

Since it is known as a multi-functional silicone dishwashing glove, its function is more than just "dishwashing". The silicone oven gloves made of high-grade silicone insulation materials can easily serve microwave-heated meals and cakes in the oven, which is no longer a hot worry. In addition to washing dishes, this glove is also an assistant in a bakery and a transporter when boiling soup and hot pot. It is convenient to do things and safe to serve.



4. Cleaning

There are often long hair falling on the floor at home, pets left on the sofa, and thick dust has accumulated on the bookshelf ... The thorn-like design on the inside of the silicone gloves can easily catch the slight dirty. You can also use silicon gloves for kitchen to clean tiles and pools. Just wear gloves and wipe it away, eliminating the traditional layer-by-layer cleaning process. The sludge at the roots of vegetables and fruits can also be quickly cleaned with silicone gloves


dishwashing gloves



Features of multifunctional silicone gloves

1. This product is made of 100% imported pure silica gel raw materials, 100% medical silica gel, passed FDA material testing;


2. The temperature resistance of silicone products is between -60 ℃ and 250 ℃. It has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, green environmental protection, non-toxic, dust-proof, durable, impermeable, easy to clean, etc ..


3. Naturally harmless, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly.



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