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What is Medical Silicone?

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Silicone is not only used to make daily necessities such as silicone baby items and silicone kitchenware, but also can be used in the medical field. Medical silicone is a widely used biomaterial in cosmetic surgery. It has many forms, such as liquid silicone oil, gelatinous silicone, foam silicone sponge and elastic solid silicone rubber. Medical silicone has good biocompatibility, no irritant, non-toxic, no allergic reaction to human tissues, at the same time, the body has little rejection reaction to medical silicone. Medical silicone has good physical and chemical properties. It can keep its original elasticity and softness in contact with body fluids and tissues. Medical silicone will not be degraded, is a relatively stable inert material, but also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.


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Development of Medical Silicone

The medical properties of medical silicone were found in 1945. In the 1960s, there were many reports about the application of medical silicone as human implant materials and medical products in the world. The application of medical silicone in cardiac pacemaker and heart valve not only makes thousands of patients get new life, but also promotes the development of other medical products. From 1960s to 1970s, many medical silicone rubber products (silicone rubber breast, finger joint, orbital base bracket, tracheal cannula, auricle, hydrocephalus drainage tube, peritoneal dialysis tube, urinary catheter, etc.) have been put into clinical application in the world.



Composition and Characteristics of Medical Silicone

Medical silicone rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber. Its chemical name is polymethylvinyl siloxane. It is polymerized by dimethylsiloxane monomer and other silicone monomers under the action of acid or alkaline catalyst. Its relative molecular weight is generally between 400000 and 500000.


Solid medical silicone rubber can replace bone or cartilage as tissue filling or scaffold material, so it can be made into artificial joint and artificial tendon to repair the defect of limb joint and tendon. Plastic materials are often used to repair deformities and defects in the face, ears, nose and other places. 


Foam medical silicone rubber can replace human adipose tissue to repair facial subcutaneous tissue defects such as hemifacial atrophy. 


Thin film medical silicone rubber

Thin film medical silicone rubber can be used as a substitute for tendon sheath. The external intestinal fistula internal blocking tablet can also be made of this silicone. Its function is to seal the intestinal fistula in the intestinal cavity, prevent the leakage of intestinal fluid, keep the intestinal tract unobstructed, restore the intestinal nutrition, reduce the complications, and simplify the treatment of intestinal fistula.


Liquid medical silicone rubber, also known as silicone oil, is a kind of transparent liquid with low viscosity, which can be injected into the deformed part of the craniofacial region by the injection needle. In addition, people also use medical silicone rubber to make hydrocephalus drainage device, which can be used to treat hydrocephalus. Medical silicone can also be used to make spherical artificial heart valve to replace damaged heart valve. In addition, medical silicone can also be used to make silicone vein catheter, stomach tube, urinary catheter and other medical equipment with small irritation, which can be inserted into human body for a long time. 

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