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What is Silicone Doll?

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Silicone is widely used in the sex toy industry. It can be used not only for making silicone masturbator, but also for making silicone dolls. About 70% of the world's adult products are produced in China. Silicone doll is one of them. Silicone dolls are even more beautiful than real people. According to the needs of customers, manufacturer can make silicone dolls according to the image of customers' lovers and wives. In addition to single users, 30% to 40% of users of silicone dolls have girlfriends and wives. The following content introduces the production process of silicone doll.


silicone dolls

In the production area of silicone dolls, workers are busy with their work. The whole production area is very clean. Most of the workers who produce silicone dolls are men and women over the age of 40. 


The first step in making a silicone doll is to make a human skeleton. Each skeleton is made of more than 100 parts. The production area of the skeleton is like an automobile parts factory, which is a typical industrialized and precise place. The whole process of making a skeleton is done in one room. This room looks like a medical device, where small parts become the skeleton of human body, which is a magic thing.


The second step in making a silicone doll is to make the body of the doll. Workers fill the outside of the skeleton with sponge and then apply a protective layer. This step is equivalent to shaping the doll's body. Each order is customized according to the user. The factory has done a user survey, most of the customized silicone dolls are 154cm to 162cm tall, and the chest size is B or C cup. One by one, the body silicone molds of silicone dolls are orderly hung in the air. The workers carefully shape the doll's body shape, chest shape, buttocks and legs. The whole scene is full of sense of technology and future. The scene looks like something in some science fiction movies. Every silicone doll's body is customized according to the user's needs, and every silicone doll is perfect.


body silicone molds

The third step of making a silicone doll is making skin. Workers will pour another layer of silicone on the outermost layer of the doll's body. In this step, all the silicone dolls are hung on the shelf. Every silicone doll is perfect. If you look carefully, you can see the blood vessels on their skin. Because every silicone doll is naked, the silicone doll at this time is like a model standing in front of you, very sexy. The figure of every silicone doll is perfect. It's a figure that real people can't have. So even girls can't help touching these dolls. But these silicone dolls are hanging on the shelves, like a cold body, a little scary.


The last step of making silicone dolls is to bathe them, then polish, wipe and make up their bodies. The workers also need to apply nail polish to these silicone dolls and install wig. Every step needs to be done carefully by workers, just like taking care of a girl without clothes.


After the above steps are completed, the workers will split the silicone doll into parts, and finally put it into a box and send it to the user by express.

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