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What is the Role of Silicone Swimming Cap?

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Silicone swimming cap is a kind of swimming cap, which is formed by metal impact oil pressure and is used to wear when swimming. Wearing a swimming cap is to prevent ear tremor and protect the head, prevent the hair from being completely immersed in chlorine-containing water, can effectively protect the hair and reduce the damage of the pool water to the hair, to prevent the hair from being injured, and can reduce the resistance of water, making you swim faster .


silicone swimming cap

In the design of silicone swimming caps, the resistance is minimized. Impervious to water, not easy to crack (under the premise of not being scratched by nails and sharp jewelry), won’t be sticky or aging deformation, it is also more comfortable to wear, and now the design of the swimming cap uses internal particle design, which has anti-slip effect.


What are the advantages of wearing a silicone swimming cap?

The silicone swimming cap is made of organic silicone as a raw material, which has good elasticity and high adhesion to the head; Suitable for winter, with the function of warming the head; The silicone swimming cap is not easy to fall off when swimming, because there are small silicone particles in the cap. It is a new type of green and environmentally friendly product.



How to wear a silicone swimming cap?

Bring a swimming cap is kind of particular. The following explains how to use the silicone swimming caps correctly. Although the swimming cap is elastic with silicone, don't pull it hard, it can easily be damaged by pulling. You should align the fold line with the eyebrow, and use your hands to stretch the swimming cap. Before wearing a swimming cap, a girl with long hair should tie her hair with a rubber band (the lower the position of the hair, the better). Then wear a swimming cap. Don't use clips, it is easy to scratch the swimming cap. At last, adjust the position and comfort after putting on the swimming cap, and try to put the hair left outside into the swimming cap carefully.


how to wear swimming caps 

How to choose a silicone swimming cap?

When buying a silicone swimming cap, most of the styles are generally one size, so many people think that it does not matter whether they try it or not. This idea is wrong. You’d better to try it on, whether it is comfortable or not, and finally confirm that to choose the size that suits you, and check whether there is any damage.


When choosing the color of the swimming cap, pick the matching or similar color of the swimsuit. The style can be selected to be unique and refined, but the styles of swimming cap on the market are very diverse, and you can also choose some eye-catching and dazzling high-profile style.



How to maintain the silicone swimming cap?

After using the silicone swimming cap, how to maintain it, and increase the service life of swimming caps? After use, wash with clean water, dry it and try to avoid stacking together; The silicone swimming cap can also be cleaned with shampoo or shower gel for a week or two. Thus there will be no particles in it.

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