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What is the difference between silicone spatula and spatula of other materials?

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Silicone tool is more and more popular among people who pursue healthy life, because it has the characteristics of healthy and safe material, soft spade body, no damage to the pot body, no scratching and non-stick coating. So what is the difference between silicone spatula and spatula of other materials?


food grade silicone tool 

Metal Spatula


High temperature resistance, thin spade body, recyclable materials. And a small amount of iron absorbed by the human body is good for health.



Fast heat conduction, easy to burn hands. If the material is not handled properly, heavy metals tend to exceed the standard.


It is easy to rust, easy to scratch the pot body, especially easy to scratch the non stick pot coating, causing food safety hazards. In use, there is a harsh noise of metal collision. The weight is heavy.



Nylon or Plastic Spatula


It is light in weight, thin in body and light in use. In terms of damage to the pot, it is lighter than that of the metal spatula, worse than that of the wood spatula. It has a little protective effect on the coating of the non-stick pot.



It is not resistant to high temperature. Toxic substances will be released when exposed to high temperatures. Slight improper use may cause safety hazards. It is not resistant to low temperature and ultraviolet rays, and easy to aging and embrittlement. The material has poor environmental protection ability and great impact on the ecology.



Bamboo or Wood Spatula


It is natural material, safe and reliable. And it can be naturally degraded and has little impact on the ecology. It has light weight and light touch. The coating of the non stick pot can be properly protected. In terms of damage to the pot, it is lighter than that of the metal spatula.



It is liable to damp and mould. The wooden spatula is slightly thick, without proper angle, and not nimble enough. The resistance to high temperature is slightly poor, and the front end of the spatula is easy to burn black. Spatula body is easy to crack, easy to stick food, not easy to clean.



Silicone Spatula

silicone spatula


Silicone spatula is slightly heavier and thicker than bamboo spatula. Its ability to withstand high temperatures is worse than that of the metal spatula. It can't touch flames, and sharp objects can easily damage silicone spatula.



The silicone spatula can withstand a temperature of 250 ℃, and can fully meet the needs of frying and stewing in cooking. It is resistant to low temperature at -40 C and anti-aging. Food grade silicone has the characteristics of non-toxic, no odor and healthy. The silicone spatula body is soft and the shape angle is moderate. It can completely fit the surface of the pot without hurting the pot. It has a perfect protective coating. In use, the silicone spatula will not make noise. It is strong, fall resistant, durable and has a long service life. It is easy to clean, easy to store, not easy to mold, and not easy to breed bacteria. Its material is safety and environmental protection, no damage to the ecology.


Silicone spatula is a new cooking tool in recent years. The new silicone tool is superior to other materials and is a strong new force in the spatula industry. Silicone spatula is loved by the majority of cooking enthusiasts.

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