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What is the food grade silicone insulation pad?

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Silicone heat insulation pad is a kind of silicone tool with relatively high market demand among silicone products. It is characterized by certain tension, good flexibility, excellent insulation, withstand voltage, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, stable chemical property, environmental protection, safety and no peculiar smell. Food grade silicone insulation pad is non-toxic, tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent. It is a green product with high activity, which can meet different needs and widely used in electronics, industry and home.


 silicone heat insulation pad

Application of Food Grade Silicone Insulation Pad

There are many types of silicone pads, and each product is targeted for different usages.


1. Silicone Baking Pad

Silicone baking pad are generally used in the oven. This product has high heat absorption, and the maximum temperature can reach more than 230℃. So the silicone insulation pad can be placed on the bottom of the oven. For example, when making macarons bread, you must use a silicone pad as an auxiliary tool. Because macarons bread is made of flour, if you do not use silicone insulation pad, the flour at the bottom of the bread will stick to the inside of the oven. It will not be easy to clean, and it will also affect the appearance of the bread. The method of using the silicone baking pad is relatively simple. Makaron bread can be made according to the round size above the silicone baking pad. In this way, there will be a standard scale, and the size of the bread will be uniform and beautiful


2.Silicone Steaming Pad

The silicone steaming pad can only be used for steam bread and cannot be put into the oven because it is not specially used for the oven.


 silicone steaming pads

Cleaning Method of Silicone Insulation Pad

Clean the silicone insulation pad before use, you can use detergent or soap to clean. These two methods are convenient to use for cleaning, but the detergent cannot be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause silicone surface damage and white.


The best effect of the cleaning method is to use soap and brush. This method is more convenient, and the chemical composition of soap is relatively stable, so daily cleaning will not damage the silicone surface. The silicone pad does not stick to the flour, and the daily cleaning is relatively simple. If there is not much stickiness, it can also be cleaned by directly using warm water to soak.


The more severe the viscosity of silicone pad, the worse the quality. The lower the viscosity of silicone pad, the better the quality. Silicone steaming pads and silicone baking pads can be cleaned using the above method. But silicone kneading dough pads cannot be cleaned with detergents, it is best to wipe it with warm water or a clean cloth. Dry it after cleaning, and then use it again.



In short, the silicone insulation pad uses 100% silicone raw materials, with good thermal insulation, environmental protection and easy cleaning. Silicone tools can better fix items and effectively prevent items from sliding down.

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