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What to Watch for When Buying Swimming Goggles

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Long-term sunlight exposure will deteriorate the straps and lenses, and high temperature may damage the anti-fog agent. After swimming, do not leave the swimming goggles in the bag for a long time. After arriving home, you should put the swimming goggles in a cool and ventilated place to dry. How to choose swimming goggles? We should pay attention to choose according to your personal face shape, put on the swimming goggles you want to buy, and gently press the swimming goggles on either side of the eye socket. If you feel some suction, it is suitable. if both eye sockets feel with the suction power of swimming goggles, the swimming goggles can be guaranteed to be absolutely waterproof, that is, the size is suitable; it is recommended to choose large-frame swimming goggles for a better swimming experience. Large-frame swimming goggles usually have a wider seal ring made of silicone material and a large pressure area, which are not easy to produce a sense of oppression, more comfortable to wear, so what else should you pay attention to when buying swimming goggles? There are some suggestions.


silicone swimming goggles

1. Silicone Swimming Lens Quality

For the selection of corrective glasses or sunglasses, many people will go to a professional optician center to choose, and when buying swimming goggles, the quality and brand of glasses are not the primary consideration. In fact, the quality requirements of swimming goggles are higher. The refractive index of light will change due to water passing through. If the lens is not selected properly, it will cause blurring under water. It is equivalent to wearing a convex lens or a concave lens. A good pair of lenses should meet the optical and medical standards, the degree remain unchanged both at the water or ground, the vision is clear and undistorted, and the field of vision should be wide.


2. Silicone Swimming Goggles Anti-shedding Performance

The goggles often fall off, or too loose to fix in the head. This situation is mainly due to the poor adaptability of the selected swimming goggles. Choosing a proper swimming goggles is very important for swimming in the water. The main thing that determines the proper performance of swimming goggles is whether the frame and the eye mask closely fit the eye socket; whether the length of the bridge is appropriate; and the elasticity and quality of the headband. The silicone headband has excellent elasticity, and the anti-skid point on the top can effectively prevent the goggles from falling off or sliding.

silicone swimming goggles lens

3. Silicone Swimming Goggles Anti-fog Performance

A common problem for people wearing glasses is that the liquefaction of water vapor causes the glasses to fog. A similar situation also occurs in swimming goggles. Swimming goggles with anti-fog performance has strong hydrophilicity, can absorb water vapor to form a water film, so that the water vapor cannot attach to the lens to form fog. Moreover, the anti-fog life is long and stable which is not easy to melt in water or chemicals.



4. Silicone Swimming Goggles Fashion performance

For the pursuit of fashion, humans have never stopped, and of course the choice of swimming goggles is no exception. Just like clothing accessories, on different occasions, different people, with different swimming goggles, choosing a very personal swimming goggles can make you stand out in the swimming pool and earn eyeballs.


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