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Why Is the Children's Silicone Dinner Plate an Integrated Silicone Dinner Plate?

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Because silicone is more environmentally friendly than plastic materials, silicone tools have developed rapidly. Silicone gifts and products have generally entered our daily life, especially food grade silicone kitchenware and silicone daily necessities are getting more popular. This is because the silicone material is safe and non-toxic, resistant to high and low temperatures and stable performance, and silicone products are soft and delicate, rich in color, so now maternal and infant products are also widely made of silicone materials, children's silicone dinner plate is one of silicone baby items.


silicone baby items


The Characteristics of Children's Silicone Dinner Plate

1. Silicone is environmentally safe and non-toxic. It can normally contact food and meals, and can enter the oral cavity. Our company's children's silicone tableware uses medical food-grade silicone, which is safe, hygienic and of good quality.


2. Silica gel has absorbability, and the silicone dinner plate can firmly absorb the smooth desktop or countertop, and can prevent overturning.


3. The one-piece molding process of silicone rubber mold vulcanization allows cleaning without leaving marks.


4. Children's silicone dinner plate is an integrated dinner plate with bright colors and lovely shape.


5. Children's silicone dinner plates can be safely used in ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators.


6. Children's silicone dinner plates can withstand a high temperature of 230 ° C, no harmful substances are produced, and they do not melt, deform, or deteriorate.


7. Silicone tools has the characteristics of easy drying, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and it is safe and hygienic to use.


8. After long-term use of silicone tools, there will be no corrosion, aging, fading, or yellowing.


silicone baby items


The Development of Children's Silicone Dinner Plate

Silicone dinner plates are mainly used to attract children's attention when they are used in the early days. Many children are naughty when they eat, and like to move everywhere, which bothers parents a lot. And children usually like to find what they want to eat when eating. Therefore, the children's silicone dinner plate is very suitable for children's favorite, both for eating and playing. Slowly, in order to reduce the number of tableware, the children ’s silicone tableware has slowly evolved from the beginning of multiple silicone bowls into a silicone plate which is divided into several compartments. The common ones are 3 or 4 compartments. The emergence of this design changed the name of the silicone dinner plate, called the divided silicone dinner plate, which also liberated the problem of too many kitchen utensils, only a silicone plate can take a variety of dishes.


But children's silicone cutlery is still changing. Now many children's silicone dinner plates are designed with several compartments, and they also add chopsticks, knives, forks and other dining tools, called integrated silicone dinner plates. And now some children's silicone dinner plates are designed with suction cups at the bottom, the purpose is to prevent older children from pushing away the silicone dinner plates when eating.


From the initial silicone bowl to the silicone dinner plate to the divided silicone dinner plate to the present integrated silicone dinner plate, children's silicone tableware is gradually becoming more suitable for children to use, more convenient and safer.

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