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Why Should We Replace Silicone Pads of Ventilator Masks Regularly?

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Medical grade silicone masks are produced in clean workshops and are qualified according to medical silicone standards. It is a mask made by copolymerization of high molecular weight polydimethyl and methyl vinyl siloxane and chain stopper tetramethyl divinyl disiloxane under the catalyst, with clear appearance, high transparency, good yellowing resistance, not easy to deform, high tear resistance. It is suitable for producing products with high strength requirements.

 medical grade silicone masks

The medical grade silicone mask is a full-face mask made of high-quality food-grade silicone. It uses a double-layer silicone edge to make it fit snugly around the face. The corrugated mouth and nose mask can meet the needs of different face shapes. The headband and double-layer silicone edge are precisely attached to the face without any allergic reaction. The silicone material can seal most harmful gases.


Silicone protective mask is a tool for human self-protection when working in harsh environments. Due to its good sealing, it can seal most harmful gases and can withstand harsh high temperature and high pressure environments. It is widely used in fields such as factory dust-proof, antivirus, firefighting and military. Silicone pads are the main accessories of ventilator masks.


When the silicone pad is gradually worn out, it will affect the effect of the ventilator. The service life of the silicone pad is related to many factors such as proper use, skin oil and cleansing. It is best to check your mask regularly.

Silicone protective mask


Silicone masks are consumables. High-quality silicone pads will yellow and harden after two to three years of use. On the one hand, it causes irritation to the face. On the other hand, the hardening of the mask will cause a large amount of air leakage during use, affecting the effect.


The replacement of the silicone pad can avoid the purchase of the entire mask. The price of imported masks is generally higher. The frames and elbows are generally not damaged. Direct replacement will cause unnecessary waste, while the replacement accessories (silicone and headband) only cost less than half of the entire mask, which is very valuable both from an economic perspective and an environmental perspective.


In order to maximize the service life of the mask, make sure to clean the face every night before wearing the mask. Clean it after each use. Use a neutral soap liquid that does not contain perfume, moisturizer, antibacterial agent, etc., to clean. Avoid direct sunlight, dry it naturally. Poor adhesion is often the first clue which indicates that the silicone pad needs to be replaced. Check for small holes and other gaps that cause air leakage.


 silicone baby items

Silicone is a colloidal substance with solid properties, and its basic component is silica (mSiO2nH2O). The physical structure of silicone is rich in micropores and high specific surface area. Its surface is a silicon hydroxyl structure, so it has a strong adsorption of water vapor or other polar substances and selective adsorption separation ability. In addition, it has the features of non-toxic, odorless and not easy to age. So it has a wide range of applications in the fields of adsorption, drying, material separation, purification, high-purity preparation, etc. Silicone products have become more and more popular. We can see them everywhere in our lives, such as silicone cake mold, silicone baby items, silicone kitchenware, silicone masturbator, etc.

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