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Why Should We Wear Goggles for Swimming?

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Swimming is the most tiring physical exercise that consumes lots of energy, whether it is children, young people or the elderly. People who swim regularly every day will look very healthy and prevent many diseases. Most people wear swimming caps and goggles when swimming. The goggles are fixed on the head with a silicone strap to prevent it from falling off. Today, let's take a look at why we should wear swimming goggles.


silicone swimming caps and goggles

To ensure the quality of the water in the swimming pool, chemicals such as disinfectants, pH adjustment, sedimentation drugs, and algaecide drugs need to be placed into the water. At the same time, a lot of dust in the space falls into the swimming pool, causing many small free impurities in the pool water. When swimming, without wearing silicone swimming goggles, the eyes will be injured if they are immersed in chemical water. The eyes directly hit the tiny free impurities such as disinfectant powder and dust (dust) in the swimming pool. If these tiny substances enter the eyes, they will also cause damage to the eyes.


Wearing swimming goggles can reduce some of the pressure of the water on the eyes, while opening the eyes, there is no psychological barrier.


silicone swimming material

The eye mask is silicone swimming material, which can ensure a close fit and no water leakage. It can also avoid the spread of eye diseases. Many people wear contact lenses to go swimming, which is actually very dangerous, because contact lenses will easily fall off when they come into contact with water.


Even if they wear swimming goggles when swimming, it is difficult to ensure that the eyes will not get water. After rubbing with hands, it is easy to become inflamed, and contact lenses will dry the eyes, further increasing the probability of eye inflammation. So try not to wear contact lenses for swimming. If you are a "myopic family", choose swimming glasses with degrees of myopia when swimming.


In fact, wearing swimming goggles also has the following benefits:


The glasses you wear while swimming, that is, goggles, have parallel lenses to ensure that you can have a clear vision whether underwater or on the water, and there will be no problems such as visual distortion.


When swimming outdoors, it is inevitable that it will be irradiated by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Wearing a silicone swimming goggles can resist ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes, avoiding damage to the eyes, and improving the width of your underwater vision.


Because the refractive index of the water surface is different from the refractive index in the air, if you don’t wear silicone glasses when swimming, the vision will be blurred, which will affect the efficiency of swimming.


Goggles are a kind of health equipment in water sports, especially during swimming. As long as they are tightly attached to the eyes, you can have a clear vision underwater, and also prevent water from entering the eyes. Silicone swimming goggles is a must product for swimming. So don’t forget to bring your goggles when swimming!

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