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Why every household must have silicone cake molds

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At present, baking kitchenware has become one of our commonly used food tools. Sometimes we can often see beautiful cakes of different shapes in street cake shops. How can we easily make these beautiful cakes of various shapes? Cake molds in baking utensils play a big role.


Silicone cake molds are mainly vulcanized and molded using silicone rubber raw materials. They are favored in life because of several outstanding characteristics.


cake border molds rectangular silicone baking molds


1. The advantages of silicone cake molds


(1) Non-toxic and tasteless raw materials

The raw material of round silicone cake mold adopts 100% food grade silicone, which passed FDA / LFGB standard. It is safe, non-toxic, non-odorous, and natural antibacterial.


(2) The strong high temperature resistance

During the production process, the silicone cake mold processing factory normally produces a vulcanization temperature of about 200 degrees, so it can be used within 230 degrees during baking.


(3) Recyclability

Silicone cake molds are drop-proof and waterproof, and has excellent sealing performance. There is no need to worry about its life span during use. And the superior performance of silicone products can be used in different industries, such as silicone tools, silicone kitchenwear and silicone baby items.


The manufacturing method of the silicone cake mold is to press the steel mold into a mold under high temperature, and then make the corresponding core hole in the steel mold. Finally, they put the raw materials into the mold core and press vulcanization molding. 


The most important parts of silicone cake molds is the molds’ performances, and silicone cake molds with different prices on the market are mainly determined by the selection of raw materials and the accuracy of the molds. So What do you need to consider when choosing a high-quality silicone cake mold?


large silicone cake molds


2. How to choose a high-quality silicone cake mold


(1) Product safety

Manufacturers of high-quality silicone cake molds have corresponding environmental monitoring. They need to use food grade color glue and undergo secondary vulcanization treatment.


(2) The selection and technology of cake molds

Due to the need to bake at high temperature for a long time, the material of the cake mold needs to choose the high tensile tear resistance material.


(3) The deformation strength of the product

The high-quality silicone cake mold has a large deformation force, in order to avoid the incomplete shape of the cake after the baking is completed.


However, in order to make the silicone cake mold can be used for a long time, there are several considerations. On the one hand, please do not directly touch an open flame or close to a heat source (such as an oven heating tube). Recommended for you to place the mold in the middle or upper position of the oven during baking, keeping a distance of at least 5cm from the heating tube.


On the other hand, please use a neutral detergent in the dishwasher or hot water and use a sponge to clean normally. It is advisable to turn the mold over when cleaning.


Whether you want to open a cake shop or make cakes at home, with silicone cake molds, you can easily make beautiful cakes with different styles.

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