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Would it be Better for the Baby to Use a Silicone Bowl?

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It keeps common knowledge that not only the color and shape of tableware are very many, but also the materials used are many. For example, many restaurants are using plastic bowls, and conversely, these bowls cannot be used for a long time. If you have a baby at home, the ceramic bowl, used by baby, can easily be broken. Therefore, today we will introduce the baby silicone bowls to moms.


Silicone Tableware


Is Silicone Tableware Safe?

Silicone products are very common in life, such as mobile phone cases, drain stands and kitchenware, and equally, silicone tableware has gradually come to the attention of individuals. There is no doubt that silicone products that meet the relevant national standards are definitely non-toxic, unless manufacturers use compounds that do not meet the requirements in the production process, resulting in product safety problems. Therefore, if you want to buy silicone tableware, the silicone tableware produced by normalised manufacturers, which meets the relevant regulations, has no safety issues and is non-toxic.



Advantages of the Silicone Tableware

(1) Silicone tableware is molded by using food grade silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly. Due to the soft silicone material, the baby will not be hurt.


(2) The silicone tableware is able to be folded, kneaded, turned, and placed without occupying space. In addition, it will not absorb oil, and in the meanwhile, it has a desiccant effect, even if it is stored for a long time, it will not give rise to moldy changes.


(3) The silicone tableware matches well with the food temperature. Whether the food is cold or hot, silicone cutlery is in the position to protect the temperature of the food and reduce the loss of temperature. The food placed in the silicone container can maintain the original temperature after a period of time, and at the same time, the silicone tableware is not easy to conduct the temperature to prevent the user's hand from being scalded.


(4) Compared with ceramics, falling resistance is the biggest feature of silicone tableware, and moreover, it will not have any noise when it falls on the ground.


(5) Besides, silicone tableware has good heat resistance, which cannot be deformed or deteriorated at a high temperature of 240 ℃, and will not harden at -40 ℃. Thus, it enables users to steam, cook, roast and so on. Consequently, the silicone bowl can be sterilized and cleaned at high temperature before being used by the baby. In addition, silicone bowls, as silicone baby items, can also be placed in a microwave oven to heat food, which is a good choice for baby tableware.


Silicone Tableware


The biggest advantage of our silicone products, medical food-grade silicone products, is the safety and environmental protection. At the same time, because silicone has good flexibility, it is especially suitable for babies and children at home. Furthermore, in addition to silicone baby items, we also have silicone mold, silicone tool, silicone kitchenwear, best silicone cooking utensils, silicone cake mold and various other silicone products to enrich your life!

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